Siapa Fa Brian Ganda Pratama?

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Here is my startups,

1. Jeager.io
2. ex founder arkademy.com

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my last story

FA Brian was interested in robotic. At the first time, He tried to join ‘line follower’ robotic competition in Semarang, unfortunately he did not win. This failure made he frustrated because he thought he had prepared  everything well. But he did not wallow hisself in disappointment, he tried to join another competition in Yogyakarta. This time he had to face another failure and it made he more frustrated. Until one day while he was reading a book, he came across a quote “All dreams can come true if have the courage to pursue them, keep moving forward, opening new door and doing new thing, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new path”...... 

Additional Honors & Awards

2nd East Asia Go Green in The City Competition by Schneider Electirc 2014

1st Indonesia Go Green in The City Competition by Schneider Electric 2014

1st Winner/Gold Medal of 2011 National Olympiad Of Student Research/OPSI (October, 2011)

Best Working Paper and Best Science Electronic and Mechanic of 2011 National Olympiad Of Student Research/OPSI (October, 2011)

Credit, International Competition And Assessments For School Computer Skill University Of New South Wales (2011)

2nd Winner of  2011 City Region, Computer National Science Olympiad (May, 2011)

So he joined another competition making some research about robots which had the ability to dumb trash automatically, this inspiration came while he was walking in the morning then saw an old binman brought a lot of trash,he feel pity, so he create this robot to help that old binman. Three month, that he developed this robot he called it iTrash robot, this is his first invention. He joined NATIONAL OLYMPIAD OF STUDENT RESEARCH, and all his attempt in three months gave  he the best result at this competition. He got Gold Medal, thank to God for this Gold medal. Not only Gold medal that he have been achived, but the Ministry of Indonesia Education gave he appreciation. He got BEST WORKING PAPER and BEST SCIENCE ELECTRONIC AND MECHANIC at this competition. Then he realize this is his field...