My Study Case

Posted by Brian on
I wonder, if I could drop out, because I saw a lot of peoples who started business which they had possibility to change their better life. Hence I think to myself that study in University is not important. Many subject that not important in next subject relation or the next concentration. University just a place which  I am just a employee of my parent. Studying  get the score A or B, then study again , over and over again, is that my life...? I  achieve the score, I don't get the mean of Engineering . I love to make my DIY (Do It Yourself) in electronic and programming. I love the subject in University that have relation with my little world but I don't like if there are no relation between it.

Have you ever think ? .You waste your time to study something that unuseful. Just think about this situation,I am trying to think the possibility.If I will drop out, I will  waste my parent's money that use to pay the  University invoice. If I am not goint to drop out, I am stuck in this place. I am separated from my little word which colofull of DIY by University. Which one I will choose..?

The answer is follow the river.....