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Friday, 15 January 2016

Uploading Sketch Problem Arduino

If you have a problem and get worst like
avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device "\\.\YOUR COM": Access is denied.
Problem uploading to board.  See for suggestions.
Then you have do a lot of things in this forum
Your device work properly, your connection cable is good, you don't connect any Tx and Rx with other cable, than you still have a problem this is the best solution but you still frustrated :b, it is because

when you install the driver of FTDI, there is still a   Virtual Comp like this:

In my case I have USB Serial Converter and USB Serial (COM3), then when u upload a sketch  that will happen like this.

But when, In my case I have USB Serial Converter, then I delete the  USB Serial (COM3)

when u upload a sketch  that will happen like this...

It works !!!
Now,  How to delete the Virtual Port ?
Follow this

1. Double Click on FT23R USB UART
2. Select Hardware
Then Do like this picture

Then Dont Forget to Uncheck Load VCP

All in all, unplug then plug again your arduino until you have this setting

It Works For Windows 7,8, and 10 !!!!