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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Murah smile

I feel so frustation because a lot of a task that I can't manage.
I feel my time is so limited.
I haven't rest yet.
All my mind just a future and an event that happened at past
I never consider my life in present.
I try to take a long deep breath. Feel that  all what I can do is present.
I hear criket voice, it says to me to make keep calm.

What I can learn from this day, "Human, always think the future and past, they never think present. Present is a piece of cake that human always forget, and to make it calm, try to feel the cake. Then smile :) "

Monday, 12 January 2015

Take Off

My wing has been broken,
I tried to fly again.
In this day the announcement of competition Barca Advan, and I am the top of  three student in Indonesia. This competition will call us to Jakarta, I don't know the time  but this is very interesting, I was not well prepared for this competition just remember Steve Jobs style.

The point, You can copy your Great Idol, and you can became like him/her.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

zone of Friend

I met my junior school friends, they looked very different :v. But the most important we still like a family, We just went to muncul to swim swim :v, after that we eat Pecel lele, and sangat maknyus hahaha.

We chit-chat to each other, the topic about women, and Jesus . I don't know why we still talked about this, and after I had a chit-chat. I got a new perspective about Life and God
It was...
"God gave us a freedom, so just keep the freedom to be your free life"

Friday, 9 January 2015


I write this blog, before I do this, I just meditation, I feel so calm and Peace. This is what I want in the day :)
No Frustation, the best part, I can Focuse on what I am done :)

So please do meditation, I feel I can think the another girl, the "girl" is Jesus
I feel safe this night.
Just grateful what I want to share with you, Everything can change .

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Me & Ditation

 When the other " ngedeke pucang" I just talked to my friend, his name Samuel, he is kind person and he is a buddhist, I talked almost 3 hours, we just share each other, about her relationship with his girlfriend and so did I. What I learned from him, is about meditation, actually meditation is not about the stay silent, but it can do while you are eating, but you must realize what you do and feel all move.

So I learn to enjoy the present, not the past, the future is not happen now. In order to create  a peacefull Mind, I learned this day with a simple meditation. So, you must to Try !

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Milk and Coffee

Love is Blind, sometimes you do something with your heart and all what you do is for love what you do. In this day I have a problem with my girlfriend, we like milk and coffee we are different, but since the new year come, We are different from past. Sometimes in a relation need a lot of effort to do this, and then since it come to me, it make me different. Every relation have a problem, from small to the big one. But, I trust in the Jesus name, all what I do can clear quickly.

The point is, it is usual to have problem in the relation, but if we can solve it  and continue the relation, I think this called "Berjuang" :)

Monday, 5 January 2015

Silent Left

In this day, my girl friend came to my house, and then she  confuse after saw my new hair style hahaha. She left me quickly and she went to her little party to celebrate her birthday. Because I must teach my Organization, I can't go to my girl friend party. I think see need a social with her female friend, because there are no male friend in there. So, I think is good for her to chit-chat with other friend, If I was in his party, maybe She just talk to me over time during her party.

The point is, If you have something special but what you choose is better for that people, why not :), maybe people who loved you need a spare time with other friend just because you love her.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Japri Please

This day was very funtastic :). I started this day without a smile, and then I can know myself in this day, what Actually I was. There are a lot of problem in my life, but I feel so grateful with my life. Maybe Jesus just japri me (Japri=jaringan pribadi or PM=private message). Jesus give me some problem to take another level, I start this year with a very meaningfull of my life. The problem of man there are "Tahta, harta, dan wanita" . Jesus just give some of them and I can solve this. Because Jesus want me to be a powerfull people in the future who will not collapse with this big three problems. He give me it  to face.

Wow, without Japri from Jesus maybe I can't take another level. The timing always right of the time .
Do you know how to face this three problem("Tahta, harta, wanita ?") ?
The answer : Control your mind, feed the kind in your heart

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Double Gum

Firts of all, Wake up in the morning at 11 A.M confuse me. How I can be an owl ? . In the next hour, I am feel dying, because there are no foods on table. Meanwhile it happen, I just imagine to taste the gum. The Gum is very sweet so I feel is it the best for me, to reduce my confuse.

When you seperate the gum, it still stuck in your mouth. I think life is like a Gum, when you want to seperate your bad life, after the sweet life it is still difficult to throw it. Hahaha, I think the same as today, I am still wake up noon, and confuse what I am doing, want to throw this habbit, but still stuck in my life.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Shake well before using

I saw on my table, there is a parfume on it. I saw the text " Shake well before using". Yeah, maybe the text is useless. "Shake well, before using it". I just relate this text to my life this day, this day was so looping day like before, I did what I did yesterday, again and again. There are no different, I feel that' I am just blocking myself to reach the happyness. I just want to shake my life before using my soul. Unfortunately people never help me, never shake my life. The person who can do it just myself.

It is difficult to do than say. Life is like a parfume, shaking well before using it. Shaking my think then using it. Everybody deserve this. When I see myself loop again and again, I feel same. Only me, can shake my life, but when?

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Plant and Sun

I never notice plant in my backyard. When I see it, it always same. Green that's it. I never notice sun in the sky, always same. Flash That's it. Sometimes when I see a wall which is green painted, I feel in the forest, so calm and peacefull with a lot of tree. Sometimes when I see a lamp which is very brighter, I feel in the heaven, so calm and peacefull with a lot of shine. Calm and peacefull is what we want to find in this life, like a plant and sun. Plant never ask the sun to stop giving the light until the night come, and sun never ask the plant to give it space. I always wondering why sun never ask it?, What plant to do just block sun shine. I always wondering why I never ask my self to find my own way? What I am to do just block myself.

When I cut the plant, the sun can give the shine to soil. When I cut myself I never know What I am be, in this year in this life. I am just seeking the sun, giving a hope, burn the plan and see what happen this year. 2014 had a lot of stories, in this year... my life is on